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Designed exclusively for Raspberry Pi !

Ready to play in less than 5 minutes !

  1. Unscrew the 6 screws to release the trapdoor.
  2. Install your Raspberry Pi in the appropriate slot.
  3. Connect the 4 usb cables and the RJ-45 extender.
  4. Close the trapdoor and put the screws back.
  5. Power on… and play !


Product size = 76 x 25 x 12,5 cm

  • The 6 kg super strong iron shell !

  • 16 « Action » buttons (30mm japanese switch)

  • 2 « Start » buttons (24mm japanese switch)

  • 2 « Select » buttons (24mm japanese switch)

  • 1 « Hot Key » button (24mm japanese switch)

  • 2 joysticks 8-way (japanese style) with balltops

  • 1 USB encoder compatible with Retropie and Recalbox

  • 3 USB 2.0 extenders

  • 1 RJ-45 network extender

  • 1 HDMI cable (3m)

  • Smart trapdoor to setup your raspberry Pi within 5 minutes

  • 8 rubber feet to protect your table or any other surface

  • 1 high quality giftbox with foam protections for safe shipping


  • 1 Raspberry Pi (model 2b, 3b or 3b+)

  • 1 power adaptor compatible with raspberry Pi (5V 2,5A is strongly recommanded)

  • 1 micro-sd card (16 to 256 Gb) with Recalbox or Retropie installed


Retro City is the perfect arcade system to enjoy Recalbox or RetroPie famous OS for Raspberry Pi.
Built-in USB encoder handle all buttons and is fully compatible with Recalbox and RetroPie.


The Retro City dual player arcade stick provide an unique layout of 21 buttons* to increase the emulation of original controllers.
Each player has 8 action buttons plus « start » and « select » buttons.
No more headache with Playstation « L2 » and « R2 » or Nintendo 64 « Z » triggers !

* Due to internal encoder limitation, the « Hot Key » button is linked with 1st player « Select button »


The 6 kg iron shell is build to provide a maximum stability and strong durability.
RetroCity include 17 snap-in style 30mm buttons with high quality microswitches
and 4 x 24mm buttons for « start » and « select ».
Built for hardcore gaming experience !

Smart and functional design

Built-in USB and RJ-45 extenders are ready to plug directly on your raspberry Pi.
A smart trapdoor gave you access to the micro-sd slot without removing all screws.

Compatible with latest Raspberry Pi models :

Rasperry Pi2b (and 2b 1.2)

Rasperry Pi3b (including japane and brazilian version)

New Rasperry Pi3b+

Soft and silent japanese style buttons & 8-way joysticks !

8-way joystick

This high quality joystick is similar as the classic japanese arcade cabinet, including the well known SEGA Astro City. This is the joystick of choice for fighting game enthusiasts, especially Street Fighter fanatics. It features light spring pressure, dust cover and a beautiful 35mm balltop.

30mm push button

This 30mm jaoanese snap-in style arcade button come with a built in microswitch. Acclaimed by gamers around the world, this kind buttons equips the best arcade cabinet and also some premium fighting stick. Ideally suited for mounting in metal control panels, it has a plastic clipper on either side for locking.

24mm push button

Little brother of the 30mm button, this 24mm japanese snap-in style arcade button provide same quality and durability as bigger buttons. It is mainly used as a « start » or « select » button for famous japanese arcade cabinet or premium fighting sticks.

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